About Home Baker

How do I select my recipes?
You can select recipes of your choice through the Recipe Kit page. A selection of recipes are selected for you as a default setting, however you can tailor this selection to add any recipes you would like to get delivered from the recipes offered. In case you do not modify the recipe selection, the default selection will be chosen for you and sent for delivery.
We try and minimize sending out recipes that require perishable items. However some recipes may require milk, eggs and/or butter. Those are the only 3 ingredients you will need to have at home.

My Account

How does the subscription model work?
When you sign up for HomeBaker, we put you on the same subscription cycle as everyone else.

Based on which subscription you choose (Individual, Couple or Family), you can select 2, 3, or 4 recipes to be sent out to you, before 11:59 pm ET (every other Sunday based on the subscription cycle – See “Recipe Kits” page for dates and kits offered). These recipes are delivered by Friday of the corresponding week for you to enjoy them over the weekend.
Your subscription is ongoing from the day you sign up, until you manually cancel the subscription on your account page or by sending an email to hello@homebaker.ca
When you first sign up for any of our three plans we will generate a new order for you evey other week, selected based on your plan type. This order will be delivered every other week between Thursday-Saturday.

This will include 2, 3 or 4 recipes and almost all the ingredients you need to make them, pre-portioned and seperated.
You can do this through the Recipe kits page. Skip a week or cancel anytime before the weekly cut-off on the Sunday before scheduled delivery at 11:59pm EST (See “Recipe Kits” for dates and kits offered). You can manage your orders up to 6 weeks in advance!


How does pricing work?
Home Baker is a subscription service that delivers baker recipes and ingredients every other week. There is no subscription or membership fee to join. Our kits start from $1.69 per serving


When do my recipe kits get delivered to me?
On the sign up page you can see when your first order will come in. You can also click on ‘Recipe Kits’ before signing up and see potential kits available for the next 6 weeks and their approximate delivery days. Sunday, 11:59 pm et is the last time to choose your recipes, and they are delivered usually by Friday of the following week
If you aren’t home the day of your delivery the driver will leave the package at your door. You can also provide additional delivery instructions when creating your account, such as asking the package to be left with a doorman or neighbour.

How To Update Your Delivery Instructions

1. Login to your Home Baker Account

2. Go to “Account Settings” in the top menu bar

3. Click on “Delivery Addresses” from the left-hand side menu

4. Click on “Edit Address” 5. Add whatever special instructions you need to update in the field marked Delivery Instructions; ex. “Please leave this with my concierge”, “Place by side door”, etc.

6. Click “Save” when you’re finished updating
This is our favorite question. Delivery is always FREE! No matter which plan you choose, we do not charge you for delivery.
To change your meals for an existing delivery, you must select the week that you'd like to change. On the bottom, you'll see your plan details. Simply select the number of kits you'd like to receive. If you decide that you want more or less recipes, you can now upsize or downsize your plan without cancelling your order. Instead, the difference will simply be charged (or refunded).

To skip a week, simply click the week you want cancelled.. Near the top right, there will be a button that says “pause.” You will not be charged for that week.

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