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Dairy Free Cherry Almond Cake

With Fresh Lemon Zest

Size/Qty. Total Time Difficulty
8 slices 55 Minutes Intermediate
This Sweet Cherry Almond Cake is the perfect combination between tender and tangy with being packed full of delicious maraschino cherries! With a hint of almond, vanilla and lemon, it’s full of flavor.


  • Iodized Salt
  • Natural Almond Extract
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Grated Rind of Lemon
  • Natural Cane Sugar
  • Natural Cane Sugar
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Maraschino Sweet Cherries
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Superfine Blanched Almond Flour


Equipment Needed

  • Circular Pie Pan
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Oven